Long distance relationship: Some say crazy, I say crazy good.

I met my boyfriend right at the end of high school, as in a few days before graduation. We had both went to different high schools and it was one of those things that people always tell you about, how you will often meet “someone” when you least expect it and are not looking. That was totally me. To be honest, I had every intention of making it a summer fling type of thing (don’t worry, my boyfriend knows this). We know how life works, though, it does not always go according to plan.

Summer came to an end and I went away for college while he stayed home to attend a community college.  The choice was made to try this whole long distance thing, whatever that meant.  Long distance relationships were super foreign to both of us. Long distance relationship was not even a part of my vocabulary. We both had no idea what we were getting ourselves in to. As they often say, loves makes us do crazy things.


Speaking of crazy, that was the response I got so many times when people would find out I was in a long distance relationship. It was also a common theme in Facebook statuses of my friends, and things that I would stumble upon looking for any support throughout this long distance phase.

Just a few tidbits of things that I would hear or read:

Long distance relationships never work.

Actually, they do. 

We were wasting our time.

You’re wasting your time by telling me that. 

One of us was going to get hurt.

People get hurt in relationships all the time, not just long distance ones. 

Didn’t we want to enjoy our time in college?

I enjoyed my time in college immensely.  Having a boyfriend, long distance or not, would not have stopped that. 

What’s the point of a long distance relationship, anyway?


Isn’t that only for military couples?

No, no, it’s not. Couples all over the world are in long distance relationships for various reasons, not all of them related to the military. 

Blah, blah, blah. 

Thankfully among the negative comments and lack of support, we also had so much support. I also found support through blogs, twitter accounts, and so on. Things may have been different had every single person in our lives told us we were crazy. Maybe all of them thought it, but at least they kept it to themselves.

I can 110% say that having a long distance relationship was one of the greatest experiences. Crazy, right? I would not change it for the world.

I am not going to sugar coat it and say that it was sunshine and roses the whole time. It definitely was not. It was hard. Sometimes it felt like a roller coaster ride. Often times it felt like we were both on different parts of the track. Occasionally we were both riding on two totally different roller coasters.

Yes, it was hard. We also learned. My long distance relationship taught me more than I ever thought that it would (hint, look for another blog post soon). Our long distance relationship made our relationship stronger than I ever realized it would.

The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. There was a lot of all of that. It was all worth it,though.

That crazy long distance thing lasted for 5 years, with different moves and different distances apart. We made it, though.  From long distance to living together. What a change, huh?

I am not going to tell you to go out looking for a long distance relationship. I also will not say that they are for everyone because they are not.

What I will say is this: don’t be afraid of a long distance relationship. Don’t run away from it. It will be hard. I can promise you that. If you both want it, you can fight harder and make it through. It can be worth it.

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