Super Simple Plant Name Tags

It is that time of year again ! The time for planting, flowers, and vegetable gardens, oh my!

I decided to spice up the garden a bit this year with some plant name tags. They are super simple, as well as super inexpensive (some of my favorite things!).

Supplies You’ll Need


Paint in a color that makes you smile. I was choosing between a couple of blues and went with the one called Summer Sky because that just seemed fitting.

Paint stir sticks. One for every plant, unless you want some of them to share a name tag. (You could also use Popsicle sticks or tongue compressors if you are looking for something smaller)

Paint marker (You could also use a permanent marker)

Paint brush of choosing

Paper plate or whatever else you want to use to put your paint on

Protection for your work surface (I opted for paper towels since today was the one time I did not have an unnecessary newspaper dropped off on my driveway). Or if you want you could just get paint all over, you do you.

Bonus: Peppermint essential oil

 Step One: Get Your Paint Ready 

For an added bonus I added a few drops of  Peppermint Essential Oil to my paint. Disclaimer- this part was totally an experiment. Peppermint oil is a natural bug repellent so I had the bright idea that it could possibly help to keep some bugs away from my plants and eating them as a late night snack. And yes, I am still using leftover plates from Thanksgiving.

Step Two: Paint your sticks. 

I did two coats on the front where the writing will be and one coat on the back. Do as many coats as you’d like to reach your desired look.

Step Three: Let the sticks dry.

Be patient! You don’t want them to still be wet when you go to write on them.

Step Four: Get to writing!

The first coat of writing with the paint marker was super opaque. I wrote on the first couple sticks three times. After the first couple, the marker realized what it’s job was and started working much better. The final stick only took one coat of writing. Bravo to the paint marker, it dried super fast.

Step Five: That’s all. You’re done. Admire your work. Give your plants their name tags. Or throw them away. Whatever floats your boat. 

I told you they were easy peasy lemon squeezy. Okay, I totally did not. But I did say they were super simple.

Happy gardening! Hope your plants love you even more since you gave them a name tag and they will grow even better now.


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