Dryer Sheets: More Than Just Laundry


Dryer sheets. Most of us have seen ’em, most of us have used ’em.

When you think dryer sheets, your first thought is probably laundry. Unless somehow I’m the only one that makes that correlation?

Those little sheets are great for laundry of course, but they are useful for so much more. Gotta love anything that can be used for more than one purpose.

  1. Stinky shoes. I honestly never had a problem with stinky shoes before. Boy do I now. Gross. Once the shoes start to stink, you really cannot get the stink out. Unless you’ve found the trick, then let a girl know. Throwing a few dryer sheets in the shoes does help a bit, though. I would recommend using dryer sheets even in your newer shoes, before the stink starts to settle in to its’ new home.
  2. Car air freshener. I will admit, this one came from my boyfriend. All you do is open up a box of dryer sheets and hide them under a seat in your car. Instant freshness throughout the whole car.
  3. Place a few in your travel bag or suitcase. Your clothes and such will stay smelling fresh even throughout your travels. Plus, when you go to put the suitcase away, leave a few in there and the smell will stay. I also use this trick in my purses that I am not currently using.
  4. Keep those pesky mosquitoes away. Honestly, I am a mosquito magnet and pretty much nothing in this world can keep them away from me. People I love have used this trick and it works wonders for them,though.
  5. Garbage can. Throw one in before you place your trash bag in the can.
  6. Hide some under your couch cushions or simply throw one under the couch.
  7. Freshen up the bed. Throw one inside your pillow case. If you have a duvet cover, place a few inside the cover before closing that bad boy up. Place a few on your mattress before putting on your fitted sheet.
  8.  Sayonara static & frizz. Put one through the brissels of your brush to tame those fly-aways.
  9. Dusting. I would not recommend this with a new dryer sheet because they are too rough and you may scratch whatever you are dusting, but re-use one from the laundry.  Catch ya later dust bunnies. I really love this one for base boards.
  10. Place a few in your drawers or in the closet. Pretty much ANYWHERE around the house that needs a little smell face lift, throw a dryer sheet in there my friend.
  11. Clean chrome. Make those faucets shine.
  12. Get rid of that soap scum in the bathroom. Wet the dryer sheet a bit before you try this one.
  13. Have squeaky shoes? Rub a dryer sheet on the soles of your shoes. No more awkward squeaky as you walk through the quiet office.
  14. Get rid of musty odors wherever necessary.  Dryer sheets will work wonders to get rid of those musty smells, you just might have to use a handful depending on how bad the smell is. Or the whole box, ya just never know.
  15. Smell good storage. Place some in your plastic bins or boxes that are going to be stored away in whatever hiding place you choose. This works for not only clothing storage, but also all of those holiday decorations. Especially if you are like me and have to store things in a shed outside.
  16. Laundry related hack. Use the used dryer sheet to help clean out the lint from the lint catcher thingy ma bob.

There are probably even more uses for the good old dryer sheet that I have not discovered yet, but these are some tried and true uses that I have tested and use often. Let me know if you have any other creative uses for those bad boys.

PS, if you have a Costco membership, you can buy a pack of 500 dryer sheets for a super good deal.

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