Things that brought me joy in July

The Body Company: Aromatherapy Collection/ Turmeric & Sweet Orange

Turmeric and essential oils in a body wash? Dreams do come true. I could not say no when I saw this bad boy at TJMaxx. I honestly was not sure about the orange scent, but it is super nice. The scent is not too strong & really does have a subtle way of uplifting my mood & making me feel relaxed. If we’re being honest, not sure what the benefits of turmeric in a body wash are, but I have been taking turmeric supplements for months & love them, so why not?


Garnier:  Micellar Cleansing Water 

Late to the game on this one.I know micellar water has been popular for quite awhile now , but I have never been one to try things right when they become a thing. I finally thought I’d try it out when it was on sale one day. It seriously takes off all of my makeup and does not make my skin feel gross. Plus, I’ve had this for awhile and the bottle is still super full. Definitely better than constantly spending money on makeup remover wipes.


Lemon Shine : Dish Detergent Booster 

We had been having so many problems with our dishes still being dirty out of the dishwasher as well as some serious water spots on glass dishes. I was hesitant about this one, especially because of the price. It’s honestly not that expensive, but I am pretty cheap. This stuff works wonders. It also is another product that goes a long way and the package has lasted much longer than I anticipated. I will caution that it works so well that it has taken some of the pictures/writing off of a few of our coffee mugs. Don’t use this if one of your most treasured pieces is in the dishwasher.


Rosemary Essential Oil 

I love rosemary essential oil for my hair. I had been using it solely on the roots of my hair. Drop a few drops throughout your roots, let it sit for awhile, wash hair as normal. I recently decided to try putting it on my ends of my hair as well. Such a good choice because it has been helping my hair even more than before. Love it.



My mom & I went to the spa and I had my very first facial. The experience was so wonderful and relaxing. If you’ve ever thought about getting a facial, I say you totally should!

What did you love in July? Let me know. Have an amazing August!

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