August Costo Haul

Here’s what we got on our monthly trip to Costco. What are some of your favorite things to pick up at Costco? Let me know!

Organic Frozen Strawberries 4 pounds $10.49

IMG_6706 (1)

1 1/2 L Avocado Oil $11.99


2 1L Glass Bottles Lemon Juice $7.99


Black Olives (8 Cans) $9.99


Spice Island Taco Seasoning (245 oz) $5.69


Minced Garlic 1.36 kg  $4.79


Pretzel Thins 28 oz $6.59


Granulated Garlic 18 oz $5.49


6 Count (32 oz) Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk (Vanilla) $6.99


Frozen Pizzas (12 single pizzas) $9.99img_6711-1.jpg

Grand Total : $80,exactly.

(My even number loving heart was ecstatic to hear that number. )

Things on my list that we decided against: 

Hummus – I was hoping they would have had a new kind, I’m burnt out on the one I always buy.

Cooking Spray-  It was a great deal if you like canola oil spray. I personally like to buy the olive oil or coconut oil type.

Bananas – They were all VERY green, and the price was about the same as the Aldi price.

Peanut Butter- Totally just forgot.

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