I got engaged, WHAT!?

First, I want to say how sorry I am that it has been so long since I posted for ya’ll. I wish I had some great excuse, but let’s get real, sometimes life just “gets in the way”.

On August 28th, a random Monday afternoon, I got engaged! I can honestly say, 100%, without a doubt, I was not expecting my day to end in engagement. I left work, called Paul, and we talked about grocery shopping and our plans for the night. Typical Monday after work stuff. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, which is weird because Paul normally has a terrible time hiding anything.

I walk in the door, and see this:

IMG_6967My first thought was, what in the world is this, and when in the world did he have time to do this? I immediately yelled “WHEN DID YOU COME HOME TODAY!” && I got no response.  I then ran around the house and looked to see how far this whole rose path went.

IMG_6969.JPGI then went to the beginning and started following the directions of the game Paul had set up all throughout our little house. All the while, I still had no idea I was about to be proposed to. All of the pieces of paper throughout the house were filled with sweet notes & I suddenly began to get the feeling that perhaps a proposal was coming, based upon what some of the notes said. The voice inside my head kept reminding me that there is no way Paul would propose on a random Monday. Plus he had seemed to normal when we had talked on the phone just shortly before all of this. I was just being silly, and so Boy, was I wrong.

I went through the house, reading the notes, playing this game. Then, I get to the back door, and was instructed to open the door to finish the “game”. Of course, being who I am, I peeked out the window first. Paul had no idea I was peeking, and I could tell he was nervous. At this point, I told myself : “girlfriend, you’re about to be proposed to”.

I opened the door, he got down on one knee, and plain and simply said: “will you marry me?”. The rest is history.


IMG_6977(Not gonna lie, after the excitement settled just a tad, I quickly painted my nails before I took a single ring picture. Shhh, Don’t tell anyone my secret.)

So far, wedding planning has been so much fun & I cannot wait to share more of the process with ya’ll. We will officially be married October 20th, 2018!


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